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"Light of the World" is a fun Christian 3D animation for young adults and teenagers. The story is about Mike, an 18 year old kid who is forced by his father to get a job at a gas station working the night shift. After a horrific first few nights a storm strikes and cripples the station. Mike uses this opportunity to turn away customers by pretending the store is closed. Meanwhile he gets paid to do nothing and play around all night. As he begins to fail keeping up the lie he slowly begins to learn what it means to be Christ-like and why it's important.

With "Light of the World" we're striving to fill the void in Christian media between young children's cartoons and adult oriented movies. "Light of the World" is the short film that will address this void with a fun, meaningful narrative everyone will enjoy. Over the coming years we will work diligently animating the film. However there are aspects of the production that we can not create and we must purchase or outsource. That is what we are seeking the donations for.


Where is the film set?

The film is set in present day at a gas station in the Appalachian mountains along a road which can best be described as a Blue Ridge Parkway analog. What makes this gas station unique is that it is isolated and the only store for 60 miles. This also makes it a very important gas station to the patrons who visit when traveling.

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Anyone who donates will receive a copy of the film once it is complete. We are currently only trying to raise enough money to cover our hard cost which total $10,000. This does not include animators or staff.

Production Plans

With the kickstarter campaign behind us we have re-adjusted our production plans to better achive our goal of spreading the message of Christ through our movie. We will be purchasing the services that are outside our specialty with the money raised through donations. The rest of the production we will be producing over time as we can afford.

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